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Some may have heard about IV Nutrient Therapy, some may have no clue what it is, or feel that it is for very sick patients.  The evening news was also in search of clearing things up and came in for a segment about IV Nutrient Therapy.  IV stands for intravenous or "in the veins".  Here we give various nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants like the powerful Glutathione directly into the bloodstream which provides 100% absorption.  

Why do we want to do this again?  Health is all about ABSORPTION.  How helpful is it if we eat the freshest, organically grown fruits and vegetables if our GI tract is inflamed, suppressed by acid blockers which limit digestion, and more permeable or leaky after years of eating inflammatory foods?  All the goodness from the food can not be absorbed, and merely passes down the tract lost forever.  When we don't have the nutrients we need, especially the essential nutrients, our body doesn't function properly.  Inflammation sets in, cells, proteins or neurotransmitters can't be formed without the essential key nutrients, and then vital physiological processes malfunction.  These essential key nutrients are what our bodies can not make on its own and require exogenous sources.  These key nutrients have been the same since the beginning of time and are not found in the packaged/processed food typical of the SAD diet (Standard American Diet).  So when you don't consume the nutritious foods loaded with enzymes and vitamins or when your gut is so inflamed or leaky that you don't properly absorb the nutrients, IV Therapy is a safe, effective, and logical alternative.


By bypassing the GI tract and the whole digestive process, we are able to give key nutrients in their most basic and active forms for maximum absorption and efficacy thru the veins. We just talked about the problems with our foods; typical supplements on drugstore shelves aren't any better.  There is no regulation on supplements, therefore, unless verified by an independent 3rd party, you will likely not get what the bottle says you will get.  However, if you are able to find a tablet that really has the 500mg of vitamin C in it that it says it does, the absorption rate of tablets are a mere 20-40%, how much is that going to help?  Maybe you do take supplements and find benefit from them- great! but think how much better you would feel when you had 100% absorption from these great antioxidants and "super-nutrients"?  All that is possible with IV Nutrient Therapy.  We can provide the tiny powerhouses like B12 and most of the other lettered vitamins, Arginine, L-Carnitine, Taurine, GABA, Vitamin C and Glutathione.  We also now have what TIME magazine called the fountain of youth, NAD+ which will be another post all together, stay tuned for that!

We were so excited to get the call from Mandy Murphy from Fox 2, she is the most cheerful and elegant person you'll ever meet!  She called saying they wanted to know more about IV Nutrient therapy.  More than anything, I love educating others about how to take charge and control over their health!  What a great opportunity to spread the word about IV Nutrient therapy.  

We had several testimonials which really revealed how much benefit these people had from IV Nutrient therapy.  We have countless other reports from our clients of dramatic improvements, more energy and most importantly improved quality of life.  We've only been open for 8 months, however, we were trained by experts in the field who have had thousands of patients collectively whom have benefited  from IV Nutrient therapy. 

"There's no proof", he says?  The proof is in the pudding.  You heard all the testimonials.  Sure, there is no large budget double blind placebo controlled study about IV treatments.  Why would and who is going spend money to test the efficacy and safety of key nutrients that we have in our body every day that we KNOW to be safe and effective?  Its like demanding studies about the safety and efficacy of the foods we eat-  Did anyone see the study on Oreos?


It's all about nutritional therapy, on a cellular level.  The smallest chemical structures are given to us directly to use to nurture our body.  We are giving our bodies want nature intended us to have via a modern method.  It dates back to 500 BCE when Hippocrates who is known as the father of medicine said... 


It goes back to the basics, which is what we need so much more of to achieve optimal health.  While it is a very safe procedure, great caution needs to taken to maintain sterility as this is an invasive procedure.  Our IV blends are prepared "fresh" the day of infusion, under sterile technique and administered by the physician or RN on site. Care is taken to ensure the pH and osmolality of each cocktail will be safe and provide the maximum benefits.

At Radiance, we have several options to chose from.  We have our "Wellness menu", which offers bags that boosts of energy, immunity, or relaxation etc to all and our "Therapeutic menu" that has blends that are specifically designed to target certain conditions.  We also would be happy to customize an IV Nutrient treatment plan for you if desired. 

Now introducing..... The IV League!!  The best and the brightest know that consistency and frequency are the keys to getting results.  We are now excited to have the IV League program!  Purchase an 8-pack of the same IV, for the price of 7 IV's.  IV League package holders also get special treatments at Radiance, including free use of the Oxygen bar, BEMER vascular therapy, Halo therapy, Hydromassage, while infusing with their IV's.

Dr. Zinia Thomas sat down with FOX 2 St. Louis' Mandy Murphy to explain more about the benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy.

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