Tackling Inflammation, Naturally

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We often hear the word “inflammation,” but what exactly is it?

Inflammation is at the root of most diseases. It’s the body’s way of playing defense – the way it fights off viruses, bacteria or repairs damaged tissue. When inflammation occurs, chemicals from the body's white blood cells are released into the blood or affected tissues to protect your body from foreign substances. This release of chemicals increases the blood flow to the area of injury or infection, and may result in redness and warmth.

And, in those who suffer from certain autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system triggers an inflammatory response when there are no foreign bodies to fight off; the body's immune system causes damage to its own tissues because it thinks its normal tissues are abnormal/infected.

For those of us who have suffered from inflammation, we know it stops you in your tracks. One minute you’re planning on conquering big to-do list. The next, you’re in pain and all those great ambitions come to a stop.

How to Alleviate Inflammation

Whether you’re preparing for a race, training competitively or simply need to get to work in the morning, you want to ease the pain that comes with inflammation and recover quickly.

The therapies at Radiance Float + Wellness in St. Louis can help remedy or prevent this condition and help you get on with your daily life. Cryotherapy, IV nutrient therapy, the infrared sauna, hydromassage and whole-body sound vibration are services that tackle inflammation and relieve pain.

Cold Therapy (Cryotherapy) and Heat Therapy (Infrared Sauna) for Inflammation

Extreme cold has been used to treat inflammation for centuries, but modern applications began in the 1970s in Japan, where cryotherapy treatments were invented to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, numerous clinical studies have been conducted on the efficacy of cryotherapy in treating inflammation.

St. Louis Blues forward Alexander Steen said he and a few other players use cryotherapy a few times a week when they are in town to speed up recovery between practices. Steen, who is in his 12th NHL season, began using cryotherapy about two years ago.

“The biggest benefits you feel are from doing it consistently,” Steen said. “It helps flush out the toxins and lactic acid and assists with inflammation.”

At Radiance, we use the same cryotherapy chamber as the St. Louis Blues. With repeated exposure to the 3-minute cold therapy, you will reduce inflammation throughout your body and speed recovery time.

On the other side of the thermometer is heat therapy. The heat therapy we use – the infrared sauna – is another way to stimulate blood flow and help improve muscle recovery, which decreases pain and inflammation after exercise.

In order to achieve the benefit of both hot and cold therapies, we recommend doing the cryotherapy and infrared sauna doing these on separate visits to achieve the benefits of the therapies long after your visit. Oh, and as an added bonus, each also torches hundreds of calories per session!

Vitamin Therapy for Inflammation
Did you know that when you take an oral vitamin, you’re only absorbing about 20% of its nutrients? 

Our healing vitamin drip blends (infused intravenously) can help soothe inflammation – especially our Recovery blend, which delivers vitamins B, C and glutathione (to name a few), to strengthen the immune system while decreasing inflammation throughout the body.

Reducing Acidity Levels in the Body with Kangen Water + Whole-Body Sound Vibration

High acidity levels in the body also lead to inflammation. We offer two ways at Radiance to reduce the body’s acidity: Kangen water, which helps alkalize the body, and our SONIX Whole-Body Sound Vibration platform, which reduces acidity, oxygenates the cells and increases their electrical potential to a more optimal state.

Inflammation doesn’t have to control your life. If you’re a professional hockey player sitting on the bench, a weekend warrior on hiatus or just not able to get around well, we can help you with a customized recommendation to combat inflammation so that you’ll be ready to press the “play” button again in no time.

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