FAQ - Oxygen Bar

What can I expect when I use the oxygen bar?

When you saddle up to the oxygen bar, you will put on a nasal probe that helps direct concentrated ambient oxygen and specific essential oils to you, offering a relaxing and soothing mind-body experience. Sessions are available in 5-minute increments, up to 20 minutes.


What benefits does the oxygen bar offer?

Inhaling pure oxygen results in a feeling of calmness. Guests may experience better immunity, stress reduction, enhanced concentration, feeling naturally “high,” mental clarity, improved stamina and alertness, and a reduction in the effects of hangovers, headaches and sinus issues.


Why am I paying for something that’s normally free (oxygen)?

When you breathe in regular ambient air, you’re taking in oxygen that’s polluted with toxins, which adversely affects your health. The oxygen bar offers pure concentrated oxygen infused with essential oils that have several healing properties targeted to address your ailments.


How old do you have to be to use the oxygen bar?

We recommend its use for those 18 and over.