FAQ - Hydromassage

What is the difference between a traditional massage and hydromassage?

In our hydromassage chair, you remain clothed and there are no massage therapists -- just you and the chair. The lounge is filled and heated with 30 gallons of water that uses water pressure for a consistent, relaxing, and effective massage. Wave-like streams of heated water travel up and down the body, allowing you to select the exact points to concentrate the massage, adjust the pressure (10 levels) and speed.

Your massage is completely under your control and customizable.  And, there’s an interactive touchscreen that allows you to control the massage as well as listen to music, watch videos and surf the internet.

How long are these sessions?

Guests can enjoy a massage for as few as 10 minutes, or relax in the lounge for longer.

What are the benefits of hydromassage?

The benefits of massage are widely known and include increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, toxin removal, inducing a state of relaxation and stress reduction, and relief from pain and muscle soreness.  

Is there an age requirement to use the hydromassage lounge?

Parental consent is needed for use in children.  The pressure, speed and time settings will all be adjusted.