FAQ - Aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils extracted from plants in enhancing physical and psychological well-being. Essential oils are the life force and strength of the plant from which they are derived, and just like protecting the plant, these extracts can protect our bodies. Inhalation of the oils is a powerful delivery method to reach the brain, and it results in instantaneous therapeutic effects. Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, the body’s largest organ, where they can enter the bloodstream to promote faster healing.


What specific ailments does aromatherapy address?

There is an oil for nearly any ailment! Whether you’re seeking peace and calming, want more energy and to be more alert, improved immunity, sinus decongestion, improved sleep, improved mood and focus, there is an oil blend for you. Choose from our menu of blends to target specific conditions, these blends can be diffused during your wellness service.  


How do you administer essential oils?

We use atomizing diffusers that disperse essential oils as a fine vapor throughout the air so they can be absorbed gently into the body through the respiratory system.

The aroma can prompt the nervous system to transmit signals to the limbic system in the brain – the same part of the brain that houses emotion and memory. The brain may respond by initiating various physiological functions, such as a release of hormones, relief from pain, or a positive boost in mood.  These diffusers aerosolize essential oils without water and have shown to produce higher concentrations of airborne aroma particles that remain suspended in the air for longer.

There are also topical applications for essential oils.


Is it safe for children?

The use of essential oils is safe in children, specifically when used topically or inhaled.  The difference depends on the dilution with a carrier oil.  There are many benefits of using essential oils in children to complement traditional therapies for ADHD, anxiety, mood issues, insomnia, allergies and immunity, digestive issues, and pain.


Is it safe for pregnant women?

Most essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy, however, there are a few that we do not recommend during pregnancy including the ones that have hormonal effects or can stimulate smooth muscle contractions. Please consult with your physician before using any essential oils.