Benefits are seen with regular and consistent use of these services. Please see our monthly memberships and service packs for additional savings.

Cryo Facial From $350.00

Freeze Your Face

If you’re looking for anti-aging treatments that turn back the clock without needles or toxins this is the treatment for you.  CryoFacial is the CryoToning treatment on the face.  This...

Cryo Slimming From $350.00

Freeze Away That Extra Weight

If you’re looking to lose fat on your stomach, thighs, arms, chin or back this is the solution for you. The closest thing to spot treatment there is! CryoSlimming uses...

Cryo Toning From $350.00

Sculpt Your Own Figure

If you’re looking to remove cellulite or smooth and tighten pores and skin, this is the treatment for you.  CryoToning helps diminish the appearance of cellulite and fine lines and...

Wellness IV's From $65.00

Drop in for a Drip

Infuse vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids quickly and safely intravenously. Intravenous administration bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, allowing maximum absorption, and unlike some vitamins and pills, it won’t irritate your...

Float Therapy From $39.00

Unweight Yourself in One of Our Float Rooms.

Float therapy immerses you in a near-zero gravity experience at skin temperature, in an environment free of stimuli to help you escape from the stressors that your body and mind...

Cryotherapy $59.00

Speed Healing, Slow Aging

A safe, one- to three-minute exposure to subzero temperatures, cryotherapy triggers the release of endorphins, burns 500-800 extra calories over the course of the day (after one session), enhances the...

Infrared Sauna From $39.00

Not Your Average Sauna

Relax in our infrared sauna to detoxify, improve circulation and cardiovascular health, reduce pain, increase your metabolic rate to jumpstart weight loss, rejuvenate your skin, and reduce stress and cortisol...

Halotherapy (Salt Room) From $20.00

Breathe Easier, Breathe Healthier

Rejuvenate yourself and your breathable organs (lungs and skin) by simply sitting and breathing in our salt room. Our 30- to 60-minute sessions in our Halotherapy room uses aerosolized pharmaceutical-grade...

Hydromassage $20.00

Deeply-Effective Massage.

Relax in our hydromassage lounge for a 15 minute session -- a chair filled and heated with 30 gallons of water that uses water pressure for a consistent, relaxing, and...

Intramuscular Injections $30.00

Stop in for a Shot

Quick injections into the muscle can deliver nutrients close to the bloodstream for rapid absorption, bypassing the gut for improved health and wellness.  Consult with our physicians for recommendations on...

Sonic Wave Whole-Body Vibration $10.00

Achieve Results with Less Work and Time

Complete targeted exercises on our whole-body sound vibration (WBSV) machine for quicker results in less time. This is a highly-effective, passive form of exercise which uses sound waves to produce...

Vitamin D Light Therapy $10.00

Light Up Your Life!

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, yet so many individuals are deficient in this critical vitamin, whether that’s because they do not get enough in their diets or environmentally, or...

Oxygen Bar $10.00

Just Breathe

Using concentrated ambient oxygen and essential oils to optimize wellness with our oxygen bar, guests may experience better immunity, stress reduction, enhanced concentration, increase in energy, stamina and alertness and...

Aromatherapy $5.00

Whatever Your Ailment, There's an Oil for That!

Essential oils are the life force and strength of the plant from which they are derived, and just like protecting the plant, these extracts can protect our bodies. Inhalation is...

Therapeutic IV's From $159.00

Drop in for a Drip

We have many Nutrient I.V's for therapeutic purposes - unique combinations of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid and glutathione, other special ingredients like phosphatidyl choline, methionine, inositol,...

Ketamine IV Therapy $300.00

Drop in for a Drip

Try our Ketamine treatments today! Great for depression and anxiety symptoms.

NAD IV Therapy $399.00

Drop in for a Drip

Try our NAD treatment today! Great for detox, anti aging, and more!

IV Boosters From $30.00

Drop in for a Drip

These nutrient 'boosters' can be added to any IV bag for added benefits.

Laser IV Therapy $399.00

Drop in for a Drip

Experience the power of Laser Therapy. A mere 20 minute I.V exposure to 2 mW red Laser Light enhances energy, sports performance, sleep and mood, in addition to many therapeutic indications...