HCG for Rapid Weight Loss


HCG is a well-researched and widely used polypeptide for rapid weight loss.  HCG can be extracted and compounded to be injected into both men and women. At Radiance Float + Wellness, we work with highly-regulated, sterile compounding pharmacies only available to physicians to provide you with the purest compounds for maximum effects. By injecting this polypeptide, one will see the benefits of fat stores opening up and releasing freely into the body for energy, appetite control and rapid and effective fat loss with optimal body contouring. By virtue of the fact that people are liberating stored fat, they no longer have to ingest large amounts of food calories, as the hormone is helping the body provide those energy "calories," internally. Appetite is suppressed, mood is up, energy is high and life feels good!  

30+ pounds to lose? We recommend cycles of HCG until you reach your goals and transition into a ketogenic lifestyle. Call to make an appointment for HCG consult today!

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Please consult your physician before beginning any new treatment.