Vitamin D Light Therapy

Light Up Your Life! $10.00

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, yet so many individuals are deficient in this critical vitamin, whether that’s because they do not get enough in their diets or environmentally, or because they have issues absorbing the vitamin.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with numerous conditions, including bone loss, osteoporosis, kidney disease, diabetes, stomach and intestine problems, lung disorders, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), fatigue, acne, eczema and more.

Those with these conditions and who have trouble absorbing vitamin D (such as individuals with cystic fibrosis) will greatly benefit from our FDA-approved Vitamin D Light Therapy, which has been proven to trigger vitamin D production in the skin and increase vitamin D blood levels.

With this therapy, you simply sit in front of our safe UV light for up to five minutes. We can help make a customized protocol based on your needs and vitamin D blood levels.  Most people average two-to-three sessions per week for best results.

Please consult your physician before beginning any new treatment.