Spooked by Halloween Candy & Sugar? Have a Healthy Halloween with Us!

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Last year, Americans spent a whopping $2.5 billion on candy for Halloween. Spooked by all that excess sugar consumption? This year, we have a healthy & fun alternative for St. Louis kids (and parents!): mBerry tablets! 

Made from fruit native to West Africa, this all-natural tablet changes the shape of your tastebuds temporarily so that fruit (like lemons & tomatoes) taste like they're dipped in sugar, sour cream tastes like ice cream and hot sauce tastes like donut glaze. We're not trickin'!

St. Louis Magazine recently "flavor tripped" with us. Read what they had to say about the miracle fruit berry and how it altered the tastes of common fruits, veggies and more.

Halloween St. Louis

Between Oct. 31 and Nov. 3, we'll give you a free sample of mBerry in exchange for your candy loot (while supplies last). All candy we collect will be donated to military overseas through Operation Gratitude

We're all about playing with your senses at Radiance Float + Wellness, and mBerry lets you explore and play with your sense of taste! We sell mBerry packs of 10 for $14.99. 

You can learn more about this miracle fruit tablet here


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