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Have you ever wondered how cryotherapy works? Watch as FOX 2 St. Louis' morning show reporter, Kim Hudson, tries it for herself at Radiance Float + Wellness. Kim is a CrossFit athlete and was having a bit of hip and knee pain before she stepped into the cryo chamber. After her session, she said her knee felt better! Repeated exposure has been shown to help with joint and muscle pain. 

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Whether you're an athlete who wants to improve recovery time, if you're suffering from aches and pains, want to burn extra calories (each session burns 500+ calories over the course of the day), seeking better sleep or wanting a boost of endorphins, cryotherapy can help!

Visit Radiance Float + Wellness in Brentwood to try a session with us today. First-time freeze sessions are just $39!


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  • I did cryotherapy at Radiance Float it was awesome

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