Radiance Float + Wellness Featured in St. Louis Magazine!

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Construction is underway and our builders are hard at work to make Radiance Float + Wellness a reality this summer! We’re about a month away from opening our doors, and we can hardly wait.

In anticipation of our opening, St. Louis Magazine recently profiled Radiance Float + Wellness in an article about the benefits of float therapy and local float facilities. Read it over here!

What Is Float Therapy?

When you hear the word “float,” don’t you just feel lighter? For first-timers, the idea of being immersed in water in an environment free of stimuli might seem unnatural, but float therapy is designed to mimic the womb – the most natural of environments! Floating isn’t new, either: floatation tanks were first created by Dr. John C. Lilly in 1954 to study the effects of sensory reduction.

So what does floating entail?

When you float, 1000 pounds of Epsom salts unweight you (if you can’t swim or haven’t floated before, there isn’t much physical effort required!). The skin-temperature of the water and the absence of light and sound is what we call “sensory reduction,” and when you don’t have to focus on those stimuli, your physical and mental energy is redirected inward.

Your spine, joints and muscles are allowed to rest. Mentally, you can slip into a state of ultra relaxation that triggers the brain to create theta waves. Theta waves drive creativity, intense memories, inspiration and a sense of calm. Achieving this state of relaxation helps lower cortisol, the stress hormone.

And when you give your body and mind this break, you will be able to heal more quickly when encountering the daily stressors life brings.

Nearly anyone can benefit from floating:

  • Those who work high-stress jobs or are going through stressful times

  • Those with high blood pressure

  • Pregnant women (you’re weightless in the tank!)

  • Individuals with anxiety

  • Those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Those with joint, bone, spine, muscle pain

  • Those with fibromyalgia

  • Those with sleep troubles or insomnia

  • Athletes for improved recovery time and visualization techniques

It’s also highly effective for those wanting to improve visualization techniques (think of it as a mental rehearsal to achieve goals and desires), as well as those seeking deeper meditative states.

Have you floated before? What would you tell a first-time floater to expect?

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