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Hello from your new neighbors in Brentwood! We are so excited to say that we're officially open today! And, we wanted to take a little time to introduce ourselves and share more about our story.

First and foremost, we're a family-run business. Our founders are a father/daughter/psychiatrist duo, Drs. V.J. and Zinia Thomas (aka, my dad and sister). Radiance Float + Wellness was their vision more than a year ago! Our cousin, Sheela, is helping to steer this ship with her organizational prowess and desire to apply her passion for education to the wellness field. Our younger brother, Brittan, has been busy building the face of Radiance with our (awesome, if I do say so myself) website. My mom and our other amazing sister & brother-in-law, Tania and Scott, have lent their medical expertise, support and more support since Radiance Float + Wellness was just an idea. Zinia's life-long BFF, Annie, created our beautiful logo, and my husband, Jimmy, and Sheela's husband, Ryan, have spent long days and nights assembling furniture, hanging fixtures and creating videos and many more odd-jobs that are too long to list! Our cousins Mathew and Matthew have been our sounding boards and have shared countless ideas on how to make Radiance a success. And we're so excited about our staff who have shown so much incredible support and are now part of the Radiance Float + Wellness family: Colin, Debbie, Donna, Francys, Jessica and Kayla. Oh, and I'm Serena - the person behind all-things-marketing. 

If you know our family, you know this year has been incredibly trying. There's been a lot of change, significant loss and unpredictable turns our lives have taken. 

The most difficult of which was losing one of our sisters, Dr. Seena Abraham. Seena helped conceptualize Radiance, and as an internist herself, she was so excited to practice medicine here. There's a palpable feeling that she's missing, and that will never go away. But there isn't a day that goes by that we don't sense her rooting for us, feel her watching over us and hear her laughing with (or more likely, at) us. We know she would be the most excited out of anyone for Radiance Float + Wellness to open, and we just want to make her proud. We created the SMA Medical Treatment Room to commemorate her legacy, where Zinia will consult with patients.


While we couldn't have predicted all of these blows that life had in store for us, the opening of Radiance Float + Wellness comes at an important time for all of us, as we're all in need of healing -- and that's what Radiance does best. 

We know our situation isn't unique; everyone encounters stress and everyone needs to prioritize self-care. We are so excited to help provide individualized attention to our guests to help achieve that, too. 

Thank you for reading! We hope to see you soon.

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  • What an amazing tribute and labor of love! Your work will be blessed as you bring comfort and top quality care to so many!

    Kiara Lackey on
  • Congratulations!! Sounds like an amazing place run by a very special family. Seena would be SO proud! Excited to check it out!

    Kelley Kwiatkowski on
  • Congratulations! Seena would be so proud and happy! Best of luck to you all and we hope to make it out to visit sometime.

    Sam & Lindsay Loring on
  • Congratulations to the whole family! Hope to make it to St. Louis sometime soon so I can give you guys a try :) Happy opening day!

    Brittany Eisenberg on
  • Congratulations on your new endeavor! Best wishes .

    Ann Heysell Kjensrud on

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