How Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) Works: Dr. Zinia Thomas Explains on FOX 2

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Sitting and breathing sounds almost too easy to make a difference in your well-being, but in our halotherapy room, that's all you need to do to notice improvements in your respiratory function, skin appearance and even psychologically!

If you've ever noticed feeling better while being at the beach, it's not in your head! Like breathing in salty ocean air, vapors in a salt therapy room release molecules into lung airways to release negative ions. Negative ions offset the harmful effects of pollution, Wi-Fi and other toxins, and stimulate the linings of your airways to decrease Inflammation, improve immunity and boost serotonin levels. 

Salt therapy has been around for centuries, and is especially popular in Eastern Europe. Those with cystic fibrosis, allergies (hello, ragweed season!), cough, colds, bronchitis or other upper respiratory conditions, as well as skin ailments like acne, eczema and psoriasis, can find relief in our St. Louis salt room.

Dr. Zinia Thomas sat down with FOX 2 St. Louis' Kim Hudson to explain more about how salt therapy works.

We also offer salt-stone massages by appointment and salty yoga on Mondays and Fridays in our halotherapy room.

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