Float Therapy: The Anti-Gravity Answer for Pregnancy Brain, Strains & Pains

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When you’re pregnant, the simple tasks of daily life slowly become more cumbersome as the months go by… Getting out of bed, stepping into the car. Carrying a few bags of groceries. Even remembering where you put your keys (ever heard of pregnancy brain?). Whew! Can I get a nap in there at some point? A nap for two, please? Because rest for moms — well, that’s a big deal.

But even sleeping and napping — no matter how much you’d like to — is hard because you can never get comfortable! As the second and third trimester approach, everyday tasks seem exhausting — no matter how big or small — for pregnant moms. There are the swollen ankles, back pain and other ailments that make a good night’s sleep seem impossible.  Pregnancy — as wonderful and special as it is —can be downright frustrating and awfully unpleasant.

Now, imagine feeling weightless. The physical weight of your growing body (and baby’s) gone. The mental weight of all those things you need to get done before you meet your son/daughter faded away. That might sound like a dream for moms-to-be. But with floatation therapy, it can happen!

With approval from your doctor (many of whom will tell you that water is the best place for a pregnant gal to be!), you can unweight your body and mind in a pool of water filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts, allowing you the ability to be still and achieve the utter relaxation and pain relief that only a float room can provide. Sounds too good to be true, right? 

So, here is what to expect when you’re expecting…and floating.

After a quick pre-float shower, open the door, step inside the 10 inches of water, then lay back and float. It's effortless. This is where you’ll find almost immediate relief for aches and pains from the excess weight that baby brings.

During your 60-minutes of floating -- during which you may fall asleep (and that's great!) -- you're boosting the magnesium levels in your body. The magnesium ions from the Epsom salts are absorbed by your skin, and those ions interfere with the pain receptors in the brain. It's recommended that women increase their intake of magnesium during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, and floating helps women reach that requirement.

While being still in complete silence and darkness (you can choose to have music and the lights on if you're more comfortable that way), the distractions of the outside world are lifted. With sensory deprivation, you’re alone in darkness with your thoughts. And your baby! Aches and pains slowly start to fade, providing an excellent source of relief for expectant moms. 

Floating while pregnant is one of the single most intimate, private moments that mother and child can experience together. Floating in a pool of skin-temperature water mimics what it's like living in the womb. This “mirror effect" promotes bonding, and the lack of sound in the float tank have even helped some moms-to-be hear their baby's heartbeat! Now that is something special. 

The benefits don’t stop there: Once your float ends, you’re sure to experience a better night’s sleep. Floating will also help clear your mind and relax, enhancing the baby’s developmental progress.

While all these benefits are truly wonderful, perhaps one of the biggest benefits is simply taking time for yourself. Moms tend to take care of their children and family before remembering their own self care, but that doesn't mean it's less important than anyone else's! 

So moms and moms-to-be: carve out some much-needed time for yourself to alleviate pain, improve your wellbeing and clear your mind, and come float with us. We offer float therapy in St. Louis, and we have a float therapy room waiting for you!

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