Faster Recovery for Athletes

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Whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, recovery is an essential piece of the wellness puzzle. Read on for ways to recover from tissue breakdown, depletion of energy stores, fluid loss, soreness, joint pain & more than comes with being active!


Floating requires no effort: 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts keep you afloat during 60-minute sessions. External stimuli & the effects of gravity are non-existent, easing joints, muscles & body, and promotes better blood circulation & endorphins -- the natural pain killer. Magnesium-rich water fights inflammation, raises antioxidant levels, replenishes energy stores in muscles & contributes to better sleep.

Floating helps your brain produce Theta waves, eliciting ultra-deep relaxation, stress relief & creativity. Floating helps with visualization techniques for positive goals.

Steph Curry floats to improve performance on the court! Try sensory deprivation in St. Louis in one of our spacious float rooms.

float therapy for athletes St. Louis


1- to 3-minute exposure to extreme cold (-130º to -184º F) temperatures, cryotherapy signals your brain to go into survival mode. That activates a central nervous system response, which releases endorphins. Blood vessels shrink & circulation to your organs improves to keep them warm.

Cryo eliminates toxins, stimulates cellular regeneration, decreases inflammation and like a deeper-reaching (and less uncomfortable) ice bath, helps with joint & muscle pain & overall recovery.

And, a session burns 500-800 extra calories! Elite athletes (St. Louis Blues & LeBron James), weekend warriors & even those with rheumatoid arthritis (for whom cryotherapy was invented) can benefit from cryo for recovery, weight management & stress relief.

cryotherapy in St. Louis


Detox, improve circulation & heart health, reduce pain, increase your metabolic rate to jumpstart weight loss, rejuvenate skin, reduce stress & cortisol levels.

Infrared heat reduces lactic acid, allowing tight muscles to relax, & can help ease muscle sprains (alternating with cold therapy).

Sweating rids the body of toxins (drugs, pollutants, pesticides & heavy metals), which improves immunity & health.

Sessions are safe, won't cause the skin to burn -- and each session burns 600+ calories. We can accommodate up to three people in our infrared sauna!


Nutrition is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle. When taking oral vitamins, you only absorb 20-40% of the nutrients due to a variety of factors. With IV vitamin therapy, 100% of the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream, where they can immediately be used by your body.

Our custom blends, which drip for 30-90 minutes, can help with overall nutrition, anti-aging, allergies/asthma, detoxification, hangovers, fatigue, viral infections, headaches & more.

We also offer intramuscular injections in St. Louis for key vitamins D & B12, and the antioxidant COQ10, as well as Vitamin D Light Therapy.

St. Louis IV nutrition therapy


Halotherapy, or salt therapy, has been around since the 18th century & helps with respiratory & skin condition symptoms, depression, mental lethargy & even sleep. Whether relaxing in our salt room or participating in a yoga or meditation class, micro-fine pharmaceutical-grade salt is diffused into the room.

When inhaled, salt boosts lung performance, relieves inflammation & loosens congestion to allow easier & improved breathing. When salt makes contact with your skin, it relieves sore, flakey, red & irritated skin. And, the negative ions from our pink Himalayan salt wall offsets harmful positive ions that are emitted from Wi-Fi and pollutants.

yoga in St. Louis


A highly-effective, passive form of exercise, whole-body sound vibration (WBSV) uses sonic waves to gently force your muscles to contract & relax dozens of times each second.

Used by Russian cosmonauts to reverse the effects of bone & muscle loss in space, WBSV burns calories, improves muscle tone, skin, hair & nails, bone density & aids in weight loss. It's recommended for diabetes & pain management, mood stability, reducing cellulite, improving sleep & improving balance in older adults.

faster workout St. Louis

Radiance Float + Wellness in St. Louis offers these services and more for your wellness routine. Visit us for a personalized recovery recommendations from our physicians!

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